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General Manager

Philip Gonser
General Manager
(716) 210-1871

Philip's career began in November of 2004 at West Herr Nissan in Orchard Park as a sales assistant. After a couple of months he joined the sales force there and moved to the Honda store when it opened in 2007.  In 2010 he joined the management team at the Toyota store in Williamsville.  In 2012 Philip moved back to the Honda store as the Sales Manager.  He was named the General Manager in 2016 after being the Sales Manager for 4 years.  Lastly, in April of 2019 Philip joined the team at Nissan Lockport to help grow the store.

Favorite Movie:  Star Wars  
Favorite Food:  Pizza
Favorite activity outside of work:  Hang out with the family



Brian Hy
New Vehicle Sales Manager
(716) 807-7161

Brian Wiesinger
Business Manager
(716) 984-7829

Favorite Movie:  Gran Torino
Favorite Food:  Ribs
Favorite thing to do outside of work:  Spend time w/family
Started at West Herr:  June 2017

Chad Runions
Service Manager
(716) 625-8989

Rob Virtuoso
Used Car Manager
(716) 713-7452



Tracy McMann
Sales Consultant
(716) 622-5813

Favorite Movie:  Avatar 3D
Favorite Food:  Large sea scallops in cream sauce
Favorite thing to do outside of work:  Camping w/her children, grandchildren & friends
Started at West Herr:  April 2017

Alan Johnson
Sales Consultant
(716) 799-5329

Erik Giardina
Sales Consultant
(716) 863-8927

Favorite Movie:  Top Gun
Favorite Food:  Tacos & Pizza (Not taco pizza)
Favorite thing to do outside of work:  Bike Ride
Started at West Herr:  February 2015

Kevin Haines
Sales Consultant
(716) 908-0521

Favorite Movie: Star Wars Saga, Empire Strikes Back
Favorite Food:  Gorgonzola Alfredo
Favorite thing to do outside of work:  Spend time with family, jam out to music & cook.
Started at West Herr: May 2015

Keaton Collins
Sales Consultant
(810) 553-2978

Derek Vandriel
Sales Consultant
(716) 946-5987

Favorite Movie:  Lord of the Rings, Return of the King
Favorite Food:  Max's Chicken Souvlaki Salad
Favorite thing to do outside of work:  Serve in children's ministry at the Chapel with his daughters
Started at West Herr:  July 2015

John Madden
Sales Consultant
(716) 310-8666

Favorite Movie: Shawshank Redemption
Favorite Food:  Ribeye, Mashed & Asparagus
Favorite thing to do outside of work:  Spending time w/his daughters & then yard work.
Started at West Herr: July 2017


Josef Cord
Sales Consultant
(716) 870-0832

Favorite Movie:  Pulp Fiction 
Favorite Food:  Chicken Francesca
Favorite thing to do outside of work:  Cook
Started at West Herr:  October 2018